Reimagining the future of Maggi

Solving a kyoorius young blood design brief

Sipping coffee I was lying on the bed, lifeless. Just as every other millennial I was scrolling past the social media to kill my boredom. Instagram feed filled with amazing branding projects and artworks was rather lowering my self- esteem. “I have to start with a new project”, I self motivated myself. Just then a vibrant ad popped on my screen of Kyoorius Young Blood Awards.

I went on their site to check what all it was about. There were number of briefs but only one word caught my attention. “Maggi” I said out loud. It sounded interesting .

Now when I look back at the process though it looks very easy, but its definitely not. Establishing new identity for a brand meant erasing all the earlier notions I had . And it was super difficult not only because Maggi was my childhood but more ever I couldn’t imagine it shifting from its iconic packaging .

The challenge was to make Maggi part of household. After doing hell lot of surveys, talking to my friends, family and housewives I realized how Maggi was often linked with noodles.

While it was lot more than that. There were many maggi products I myself discovered while doing this project

Masala box packaging

So, let’s drive through my process in an attempt to design a new brand identity for Maggi. Though I didn’t win it was indeed an amazing experience to work on such amazing brief.

1.Identifying the brand

If you want to style a person, you would first decide a personality you would like to give to that person. Similarly I searched through my design wardrobe. The fonts and colors I thought would go with the look. I didn’t want to give Maggi a complete different identity, thus I toned down their bright colors a bit. The next step was to cater the basic demand of the brief.

Inspiration board
Color variants

2.Establishing a character

The next huge step was to build a story around Maggi. ‘Bass 2 minute’ was the USP of the brand until now. After seeing tons of advertisements I observed how they advertised by linking it to emotions like ‘Mummy, bhook lagi’ or ‘Khushiyo ka khazana’. In order to design something different made me weave a story around maggi. Prompting a question “What if Maggi was a person”. Hence I created this character-


3.Packaging design

I finally decided to settle down on a Masala box packaging which would have their masala’s they don’t loosely sell. The entire idea behind it was to see maggi in a sense of ‘kuch accha pak raha hai’ and make it part of everday cooking experience.

Pattern development inspired by spice elements
Masala box packaging
Four of them are their exsiting masalas only the names are indianised while two are suggested to them to add

4. The final campaign

The last step was to design a campaign which will connect the dots. The campaign name I came up with was “Aaj kya pak raha hai”, a mundane question in every Indian household. It can be executed as part of the competition. People will use masala’s in their everyday cooking in a creative way, upload on Instagram ,Snapchat using the stickers. Top 50 recipes will be featured in their cookbook while the top 20 contestants will compete in the second round and win a chance to be part of maggi commercial. In this way it will have engagement with the audience and they will also start treating maggi not as an outsider.

The project was possible only cause of Ashna Shrotri whose amazing content writing credits did the magic .Also special mention to Supriya Antapurkar whose emotional and technical support made this project whatever it is today. If you like my work do show support by clapping and following me. Thanks!

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